Thank you again CVS Caremark for proving to me that the worst customer service in the pharmaceutical world still belongs to you. My phone call Monday was pleasant and the email confirmation made me believe that you got a hold of my doctor and my refill was on the way. The debt from my bank account also made me feel as though a fast and easy transaction was completed. But getting the email this evening stating that you never heard from my doctor was again proof of your unwavering commitment to screw somebody over still holds supreme. By the time I got this email you were closed. My Doctor's office was closed. And to top it all off it is a three day weekend so I will have to wait until Tuesday to do anything about this. Why did I not hear earlier from you. You took payment. Payment for pitty's sake. To me that has to say yes you knew the prescription was on its way. Does that not seem a bit fraudulent? But no all I will hear Tuesday is how sorry you are over the situation and how I should have checked up on it. Why do you bother to offer the service of contacting the doctor in the first place? If I hear one word about multiple tries to my doctor I might just freak out on the representative that will undoubtedly be the brunt of my anger Tuesday. If you did indeed try the doctor multiple times and got nothing why wait until the end of the day on a Friday to bother telling me about it? I guess the fact that a person is in pain does not mean a damn thing to you. No compassion, no responsibility, and certainly not any customer service worth dealing with.